Attention Drive-In Theater Owners & Managers: Without a doubt, the first place theater patrons check for movie listings and event information is on the internet. We offer a no-headache, turn-key website package for drive-in theater owners / managers that is both affordable and effective! (Customer links bottom of page)
Our Package Includes Everything:
Original website design
Domain name
Web Hosting
Search engine submissions
Dependable weekly updates
All at one very affordable annual fee!
  • An "original" website design.
    By original we mean the design is tailored around how you would like the website to appear. Some design companies use pre-fab or "canned" designs they pass off as their own. All of our designs are original based on our customers concept. The design includes a home page, a "now showing" or features page, a photo page, a directions/map page, a events page, and also includes on-line form for customer feed back. Its up to you. We can also include a policy page which comes in handy.
  • A Domain Name -
    We will register a domain name for two years in your name for the website. We will help you find the right domain name for your website by researching what's available and presenting those choices to you. Some companies that offer packages keep ownership of the domain name to themselves effectively hi-jacking your patronage. Not us. Regardless of whether you renew with us or not the domain name belongs to you. Customers have full control over their domain and are responsible for renewing registration with registrar after two years. Don't worry, its not expensive.
  • Multi Feature Web Hosting.
    "Hosting" is the service of maintaining your website design files on an internet server 24/7 for public viewing. Also includes 10 domain email accounts ( and also website statistics available real time on-line. Our brand new servers are located in a new secure data center with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) back-up generators.
  • Search Engine Submissions.
    We understand that once the design is completed and up you will probably list the website address in your local advertising. But we will also submit the site for listing in Google, AltaVista, AOL, MSN, and many others for listing so customers can find you on the web as well.
  • Dependable "No headache" updates of features.
    Just email us the features / dates / times and we will have them up on your website asap! Includes all screens at single location. So if you have 3 screens then all are included. Your posted feature listings will also include a production photo per movie that we supply and a link to the official website for that movie.
  • All at one affordable annual fee! (Cheaper than newspaper Ads.)
    Price will not go up from year to year. Customers will be invoiced annually prior to renewal date. We accept Checks, Visa, MC, Amex.
  • Click Here to request information, or call 440-942-3984.
    Additional: Package is for new customers only. Hosting policy is available for review here . Update and make-over services for existing websites also available.
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